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***Perfect size for sampling, party favors, picnic/lunchbox, stocking stuffers, hikers, and folks that pursue that outdoor lifestyle*** 


Enjoy 100% pure, raw wildflower honey from Windy Gap Mountain located in Franklin County, Virginia.  Here at Windy Gap Apiary our bees have a small orchard with peach, apple, plum, blueberry, blackberry, strawberry, and grapes to harvest along with thousands of acres of hardwood ridges that totally surround our small apiary.  Our honey goes from the extractor to the strainer to the bottle, therefore, maintaining all the beneficial pollen and enzymes.  We feel the flavor and quality of our honey speaks for itself. For your consumer confidence in purchasing from Windy Gap Apiary, we go the extra mile in sanitizing all glassware prior to bottling. All products are sealed and/or shrink-wrapped to ensure the highest consumer confidence.


The crystallization of honey is a natural process that takes place at different times based upon the nectar source.  If your honey is crystalized do not be alarmed.  It is best not to heat honey beyond 98.6 degrees as this can cause loss of nearly 200 compounds partly which are anti-bacterial. We also recommend never to microwave honey as it will destroy the beneficial enzymes contained within. To remove crystallization, place honey into a bowl of hot tap water and let sit. Repeat until honey reaches desired consistency.


Net Wt. 2 oz (56g)

Pure Wildflower Honey - 2 oz. Mini-Bear

  • Do not feed to infants under 1 year of age

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